My Work


Creating a new Business Idea for Lego

 In my first year in MB 107, our big semester project was to design an entirely new product idea for Lego for business executives. During this project, we worked in groups of four and we presented the idea of creating a Lego video game. Overall, our project was very well received by the business executives, and this was my first real dive into the business world.

Youth Summer Climate Program

Creating a Positioning strategy for the Wild Center

 Worked in a group of five to help position the Youth Climate Summit to our positioning strategy. Our positioning strategy for The Wild Center was to position their brand to the Youth as a solution-oriented Summit. We ended up presenting this idea to the Marketing Team and they loved it since it made sense with their vision and strategy.  

Key Sparkling Water

Creating a Positioning Strategy for Key Sparkling Water

Same project as before, we worked in a group of four to help position Key Sparkling Water as an alcohol alternative and market their product as a no-bloat product. We know that Key Sparkling Water has a lot of potential in this industry, and we felt as though this was a good positioning strategy. Overall, our strategy was well received and was a fun project to do.