Rising Senior Majoring In Business

Chris De Los Santos

As a rising senior at Skidmore, I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of different business disciplines. My education at Skidmore has equipped me to tackle a range of challenges in the business world. I’ve had the privilege of applying this knowledge to help assist different companies at Skidmore. By creating different competitive positioning strategies for them. During my recent summers, I’ve gained valuable experience working in retail and serving as a Camp Counselor for younger children. With a solid foundation from Skidmore and practical experience, I’m poised to make meaningful contributions to the field as I transition into my career in business with all these different experiences under my belt.

Me at….

Summer Camp

Leading these group of kids as the team captain to a victory.

 Sport Center Gym

Working as a Ref for 3v3  Intramural Basketball ready to make fast and accurate calls.

Summer Camp

Helping my group with any questions or concerns that they may have. 

Yankee Stadium 

Watching the Yankees play one of our rivals during the playoffs with some friends.

I’ve Worked With

Key Sparkling Water

Key Sparkling Water offers three different unique fruit flavored Sparkling Water to the consumer. Our jobs as a group were to give them a unique positioning strategy that addressed their positioning problem.

Youth Climate Summit

The Youth Climate Summit aims at getting the Youth involved in their community to address Climate problems. As a group our job was to help them position their product to the Youth.